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What You Need to Know When Picking a Trustworthy Collision Repair Shop

What if you could save car repair hassles and headaches with just one choice? With the right auto body shop, you can. When your vehicle has been in an accident, it is important to bring it to a reliable business to return your ride to its original condition. Read on to learn how to pick a trustworthy collision repair shop.

Experience matters

Your car is more than just an investment—it is an essential part of your life. Don’t settle for just any collision repair shop. Go with a team of fully trained technicians that have the years of experience to back them up.

At On Line Collision, we have been providing quality collision repairs throughout the Fraser Valley since 1990. Our trusted team of auto body specialists are government certified and attend upgrade training to stay current on the latest developments in auto repair technology.

collision repair shop with icar gold class certification Logo is On line Collision in Langley

Credentials are key

Not all collision repair shops are created equal. And if they don’t have the proper credentials, you will want to take your business elsewhere.

On Line Collision is proud to be a certified auto body repair shop. We are an ICBC accredited shop with an I-Car® Gold Class™ designation, ensuring your vehicle is properly repaired by the most qualified auto technicians in the business.

Lifetime guarantee

A business is only as good as the warranty they provide. So, when you are choosing a collision repair shop, make sure they stand behind their workmanship.

When you go with On Line Collision, you can rest easy knowing you are getting the best warranty in the business. Our repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.

Replacement transportation

For many people, their car is not just the main source of transportation, it is the only one. If you simply can’t do without a car, a certified auto body repair shop can be a lifesaver.

Here at On Line Collision, we will provide a courtesy car while yours is being repaired. And if you need a specific type of vehicle, our staff will work with your insurance company to arrange one for you.

Vehicle refinishing

Whether you need an auto repair shop for a vehicle repair for a major vehicle paint job or some minor detailing, you will want to choose a collision repair shop that can do it all in one go.

Our trained, fully qualified experts have the skills and the technology to perfectly match the colour of your car’s paint, bringing it back to factory condition. After we are done refinishing your vehicle, you won’t be able to tell it was even in an accident.

When you want the very best in collision repair shop services, reach out to On Line Collision today!


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