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You may have heard that once involved in a serious accident, an automobile will never be the same.

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While this may have been true in the past, developments in vehicle design have not only made vehicles safer for drivers, but also changed the way collision repairs are done. Today, vehicle structural repairs must be approached in a different manner, requiring specialized knowledge to ensure that they are done properly.

Vehicle Structural Repairs

At one time, most vehicles were constructed with two basic parts: the body and the frame. The body is the super-structure of the vehicle, forming the skeleton of the vehicle, with the cabin, engine bay, and cargo area. The body would be bolted to a chassis, the flat frame supporting the vehicle’s weight. The frame also held the wheels and suspension. Today, this type of construction remains typical for large SUVs and pickup trucks.

The most common construction is unibody. With this type of construction, the body and the frame are constructed as a single piece. The body also acts as the frame, holding the wheels and suspension while supporting the weight of the vehicle.

When a vehicle suffers a collision or other form of accident, its frame or body may be compromised in some way. Sometimes the frame is bent or broken. The construction of unibodies is meant to better absorb the force of a collision, making the vehicle much safer for the driver and passengers.

While this design is great for those within the vehicle, it also unfortunately means that the unibody vehicle is more prone to significant structural damage. With the unibody being a single piece, this means that even if only part of the frame is damaged in an accident, the entire unibody is considered damaged.  Structural Repair is much more technical and involved than regular autobody repair or minor damage that does not impact the frame or structure.

Automotive Frame Repairs

Body-on-frame and unibody vehicles each have different approaches to repairs and it’s vital that your repair technician have the right skills to get the job done correctly. Unibody repairs, for example, are only done with a special kind of welding by experienced and knowledgeable staff.

A bent or distorted frame and body may be less able to absorb any future impact, putting you at risk. This is why all repairs must be performed by a skilled technician with the experience to spot and correct any potential issues. There may also be hidden damage that is not immediately apparent, which only those with the necessary skills will be able to identify.

Quality Vehicle Frame Repairs in Langley

At On Line Collision, our technicians are highly skilled and certified for structural automobile repairs. Your safety depends on your vehicle being repaired correctly. There is no margin for error when lives are at stake, so we handle each repair the way we would for our own families.

If you need automotive frame repairs in Langley, you’ll be in safe hands with On Line Collision.

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