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What Is an ICBC Accredited Collision Repair Shop?

Car accidents are no fun. And dealing with insurance claims is only going to add to the frustration. When it comes to collision repair, you want to go with a business that can make the entire process run smoothly, getting you back on the road faster. If your vehicle has been in an accident or vandalized, read on to learn when you should take it to an ICBC accredited collision repair shop. ICBC Accredited Repair Shops have to meet higher industry standards for safety and quality.

Filing your ICBC claim

Filing insurance claims is an added aggravation nobody wants. Why put more on that to-do list of yours if you don’t have to? Working with an ICBC accredited collision repair shop will help cut down on the filing process, taking some of the burden off your shoulders. They will work with your insurance company, streamlining the process for you.

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Lifetime guarantee

When it comes to choosing the right repair shop, you will want to choose a company that stands behind its workmanship. After all, you don’t want to be stuck footing the bill for repairs you just had done. ICBC repair shops guarantee their work for as long as you own your vehicle—there is simply no better warranty in the business.

On-site damage estimates

You lead a busy life. Taking time out of your schedule to visit an ICBC claim centre for a repair estimate can be frustrating and inconvenient. With an ICBC accredited collision repair shop, they have the authorization to assess the damage right at their location, saving you the time and trouble of additional insurance company appointments.

Courtesy transportation

For many people, a vehicle is their primary source of transportation. If you simply can’t do without a car, a certified auto body repair shop can be a lifesaver. They will be able to help provide a courtesy car while yours is getting fixed. And if you need a specific vehicle, an ICBC repair shop will work with your insurance company to arrange that for you.

Proper certification

Not all collision repair shops are created equal. You want to make sure to bring your vehicle into a reliable, certified business. Only accredited auto repair shops are held to a higher standard, ensuring you are fully protected and get quality service every time. An ICBC accredited collision repair shop has the proper certification, including ICBC accreditation, I-Car® Gold Class™ certification, BCAA partnership, and licensed technicians.

Don’t trust your vehicle’s repairs with just anyone. When you take your car to an ICBC accredited collision repair shop, you are choosing quality, convenience, and reliability.
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