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The top 7 trends in the auto industry for 2018

Cars might not be flying the friendly skies just yet, but a lot has changed since they first rolled off the assembly line back in the early 20th century. The last ten years alone has seen more changes than in the first 50 years cars were invented. And as the auto industry continues to grow, new concepts of innovative designs and automotive technology will only continue to evolve at an even faster rate. Here are the top 7 trends in the auto industry for 2018 brought to you by the Langley Car Repair pros at On Line Collision.


Autonomous Driving

One of the top trends these days is autonomous cars—and for a host of great reasons. From allowing greater sociability between drivers and passengers to preventing vehicle-related accidents, autonomous driving has huge potential. While there are no plans to mass produce these cars currently, 2018 is the year many manufacturers will speed up driver-assisted technology testing.

Car Sharing

Owning and operating a vehicle in a metropolitan city has been losing its appeal in recent years. With the high costs of living in urban developments and increased environmental awareness, today’s young professionals are opting for a more affordable, eco-friendly solution to get around—car sharing. It is estimated that one out of every ten cars sold will be a shared vehicle by 2030.

Connected Vehicles

Another top trend to watch out for in 2018 is an increase in automobile smart technologies. Vehicle to Vehicle Communication (V2V)—a technology similar to Wi-Fi—will allow connected vehicles to share driving details, including road conditions, weather, speed, traffic, and more. Soon, V2V will be a standard feature in most models.

Increase in Electric Vehicles

Electric car sales have skyrocketed over the last few years, reaching close to 10 million since 2016. With the high costs of fuel and diminishing non-renewable resources, it’s no wonder why electric cars are in high demand. Many leading manufactures like Volkswagen, General Motors, and Daimler AG have already jumped on board, designing their own electric car models to meet the growing demand.

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3D Printing

From architecture and construction to fashion and healthcare, 3D printing technology is everywhere—and the automotive industry is no exception. Due to the huge cost savings and safety benefits, all the automobile giants will be investing more in 3D printed car technology in 2018, changing the shape of the automotive industry.


Blockchain—a public distributed ledger where transactions are recorded—is turning a lot of heads in the auto industry. There are a variety of ways that this technology will benefit the industry, including tracking and verifying automotive parts and vehicle origin. With Blockchain technology, there will be greater transparency in the supply chain, reducing the number of counterfeit parts in the market.

Crossover Vehicles

Crossover vehicles are becoming the vehicle of choice for many people in 2018. For those looking for the ruggedness of a sport utility vehicle (SUV) and the stylishness, comfort, and practicality of a sedan or hatchback, crossovers are the most popular vehicles on the road today.

So, there you have it—7 top trends that are taking place in 2018 and beyond.


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