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ICBC Repair Shop in Langley: 5 Bad Driving Habits That Are Killing Your Car

Bad habits. We all have them. But when it comes to some of the more damaging and costly ones, bad driving habits top the list. Many poor piloting practices will not only cause unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle, but also put a dent in your savings. To keep from having to visit an ICBC Repair Shop—and money in your pocket—here are some bad driving habits that are killing your car.

1. Failing To Use The Parking Brake

Think your parking brake is just for parking on hills? Think again. Neglecting to use your parking brake forces a tiny metal pin in the transmission called the parking pawl to handle the heavy load. Over time, the weight can damage the pawl, driving you to shell out for a new one. Get into the habit of using your parking brake. It’ll save your transmission and your cash.

2. Running On E

We don’t need to remind you of the high costs of fuel. But if you are one of those “add a litre or two of gas at a time kind of drivers,” you might be putting your fuel pump through the ringer. Fuel acts as a coolant for fuel pumps. If there is not enough gas in your car, your fuel pump can heat up, causing it to prematurely wear down and damage your vehicle’s fuel system. While you might feel the pinch at the pump now, it will save you huge later.

3. Resting Your Hand On The Gearshift

Who doesn’t do this one from time to time? If you are guilty of resting your hand on the gearshift, you could be damaging your car. Pressure applied to the gearshift transfers down into the internal mechanisms of the transmission, causing unnecessary wear and hefty repair bills. So, the next time you jump in your car, put both hands on the wheel. It’s a safe habit that will also save you some serious cash.

4. Riding The Brakes

Brakes are the most important part of your car when it comes to safety, keeping them tuned properly is the best way to avoid a collision in Langley, BC. You are not doing your car or your wallet any favours by riding the brakes. Excessively riding or slamming your brakes puts you on the fast track to worn out discs and brake pads. Give your brakes a break by cutting back on mashing them whenever you can.

5. Carrying Too Much Weight

Living in Langley, we all love to get outdoors, and we typically leave heavy sports equipment in our cars. Well, all that extra weight in your ride could be harming your car. An overloaded vehicle can put added strain on the drivetrain, suspension, and brakes, not to mention impacts fuel economy. Lighten the load by removing unnecessary items from your vehicle. Your car and your wallet will thank you.

Bad driving habits can be tough to break—but not impossible. By saying goodbye to your old ways and starting up some positive new ones, you’ll save money, headaches, and hassles down the road.

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