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How to Protect Your Car’s Paint Finish After Auto Body Langley Services

Fender benders happen. And when they do, you’ll want to take your car to a collision repair shop to get it back on the road and looking its best. If you’ve had to have your car’s exterior refinished, the last thing you want is to do something to jeopardize the new paint job. To help keep your vehicle in showroom condition, here are some tips on how to protect your car’s paint finish after auto body Langley services.

Skip the commercial car washes

So, the auto body work is done and you’re back behind the wheel of your shiny, refinished car. But like every vehicle on the road, it wont take long before your car gets dirty. Even the ride home from the shop can grime up your ride, and that can have you racing off to the nearest car wash.

No one likes a dirty car but taking yours to get a quick wash when you’ve just had it refinished can be a huge mistake. Commercial car washes can be a new paint’s worst enemy. The abrasive brushes and sponges can ruin the finish, leaving behind unsightly scratches—and a whole lot of regret for you.

After auto body Langley services, your new paint needs time to set. So, stay away from commercial car washes for the first month. If you want to clean your vehicle, hand wash it instead.


Hand wash only

When you do clean your car, make sure to wash it in shade only—never in the direct sunlight. Also, avoid washing your car with dish soap or laundry detergent—abrasive materials found in many household cleaners can scratch up the new finish. Instead, clean your vehicle with a car-wash solution and cool, fresh water.


To wax, or not wax

Ask any auto aficionado. Nothing looks sweeter than a freshly waxed car—except, of course, if that wax job has ruined your new paint. As tempted as you might be to polish up your car, you’ll want to wait for 90 days after auto body Langley services. When it comes time to wax the new finish, use a non-abrasive car wax every three or four months.


Keep your car covered

Bird droppings, sap, sun, and dirt—Mother Nature can be cruel to your car. The elements can do a number on newly painted areas, so if you have a garage, take advantage of it. After 60 days, you can go back to parking your car outside.


Avoid gravel roads

Summer time means road construction in Langley. If you have a freshly painted car, you’ll want to steer clear of gravel roads and construction zones as much as possible. Flying rocks and debris can wreak havoc on fresh finishes, causing scratches and chips.
When it comes to protecting paint after auto body Langley services, you are going to have to baby your car for a while. A little auto TLC now will keep your vehicle’s paint finish looking like new for many years to come.

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