Alex Hope Elementary Playground

They are standing on what is left of the Alex Hope Elementary school playground after it was condemned for safety reasons and removed in the fall of 2012. Karen and her team of dedicated ladies on the school’s Parent Advisory Council have been working hard ever since to raise money to build a new playground for the children. The On Line Collision Playgrounds Initiative has committed $30,000 to help them out, and we are all happy to say they have raised in the neighbourhood of $100,000 through fundraisers, donations and grants, and as a result the new playground is scheduled for installation in May of 2013. Special praise must go to Brie Walmsley, who championed the fundraising efforts for the school and was instrumental to the overwhelming success of the group. Other significant contributions also came in from The Super Save Group in the amount of $10,000 and as the playground is on Township of Langley land (within the Alex Hope Park) a one-time grant from the Township for $25,000 helped make this project possible.


Alex Hope Elementary Playground - On Line Collision Auto Body Langley


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